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3 Great Evening Snacks For Weight Loss

Finding healthy evening snacks for weight loss can be a tricky thing.yogurt is a healthy evening snacks for weight loss

For years there was no shortage of experts and gurus instructing you not to east past a certain magical hour lest your body hoard those calories and instantly increase the size of your waist by 800 inches, but, thankfully, the times have changed (for most folks anyway).

Eating a snack in the evening, after dinner, can be done and you can still lose weight

…BUT you have to know what to eat and you have to understand there is a limit to the amount of calories you consume, no matter what the food is.

That may seem overly simplistic and a bit too obvious, but you can get into dangerous territory with evening snacking because it’s late in the day and you’ve already had a full day of eating and activity (or lack thereof) which can throw a wrench into your weight loss efforts.

So if you’ve already consumed a lot of calories for the day, snacking in the evening isn’t the best idea.

If you’ve “cheated” today and splurged on a meal or two, then having a snack after dinner isn’t the great idea.

However, if you ate well, and have a craving for a bit more food, and want to eat something healthy (that also satisfies the sweet cravings), read on and give these snacks a try AND still lose weight!

3 Great Evening Snacks For Weight Loss

1.  Yogurt with Blueberries

Yogurt is a great evening snack because it has a decent amount of protein and is low in calories.  As an added bonus, the type of protein found in yogurt is a slower digesting protein, so it will slowly feed your muscles, which is important if you’re working out…and you should be working out!

Throw some blueberries into that cup and you just added a boat load of nutrition in the form of phytonutrients and other powerful antioxidants, some fiber and “good” carbohydrates while still keeping the overall calories low.

WARNING:  Make sure you get all-natural yogurt and do NOT buy yogurt with fruit already in the cup.  (Click here to discover why)

The sweetness of the berries should add some flavor to otherwise bland “plain” all-natural yogurt, but you can be like me and go for vanilla flavored yogurt to make this evening snack taste a bit better and help satisfy any sweet cravings you may have.

2.  Apple slices with 1 serving of peanut butter (or celery sticks)

The combination in this evening snack is another great source of quality protein and “good” carbohydrates, while also throwing in a bit of healthy fat from the peanut butter.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a “dipper” or “spreader” with the peanut butter, but it is VERY important to make sure you keep the portion size in check.  1 serving of peanut butter is roughly 180-200 calories and, if you’ve ever looked at a tablespoon serving, you know that’s not much.

I prefer to slice the apple up and dip the slices in the peanut butter, but I allow myself to have a bigger serving, especially on the days I did resistance training, so if you’re really keeping an eye on your total calories because you’re trying to lose weight, I’d suggest spreading a bit on each slice.

If you’re not an apple person, or want to slice the calories a bit more, you can use celery sticks.  While they’re not as sweet, they can satisfy the “crunch craving” some folks get.

I like using the apple slices for this evening snack because they’re sweeter than celery, provide a bit more nutrition and have more fiber, which helps slow down the digestion even more (the peanut butter slows digestion way down due to the fat and protein), which is a very important factor for snacking at night when trying to lose weight.snack food to help you lose weight

WARNING:  Make sure you go with all-natural peanut butter AND read the ingredients label.  Don’t trust the front of jar if it says “all natural” because there’s no legal definition of something being “natural.”  Use your wrist and twist the jar around and look at how many ingredients are on the label.  (To Discover why this is so important to your health and weight loss, click here).

3. Dark chocolate, big glass of water and ½ serving of almonds

Some folks need a chocolate fix and this evening snack satisfies that urge, while also providing some fiber, healthy fats and protein – this wicked combination provides for the perfect weight loss snack, while also satisfying the sweet tooth.

Grab a serving of dark chocolate (use the darkest you can stand and progressively try darker) along with ½ serving of almonds and munch.

The more often you eat dark chocolate (within reason of course!), the less of a taste you’ll have for the “bad” stuff found in most junk foods.  I’ve had some clients tell me they completely lose the craving/urge for milk chocolate after deciding to switch to dark, and they greatly decrease the overall amount of chocolate they eat.

I threw the glass of water in this one for many reasons, but mostly because the almonds are a bit dry and I’d hate to see you get a speck of almond stuck in your throat, which will push you into a coughing fit and completely ruin the snack.

In my opinion, if you’re going to snack and splurge with dark chocolate, you might as well make it count and ruining it by having a coughing fit because you didn’t drink enough water when eating the almonds completely defeats the purpose.

Am I right?  That’s like cheating with ice cream.  If you’re going to eat ice cream, then by God eat REAL ice cream rather than wasting the cheat with the fake junk.  Eat the Ben & Jerry’s…but know when to stop.

I got a bit off topic there, so let’s jump back in and finish this puppy.

You CAN snack in the evening (post dinner) and still lose weight, BUT you have to know what kinds of snacks are okay and which will ruin your fat loss results.

The snacks I showed you above are great examples of low-calorie, highly nutritious snacks that you can eat in the evening and still lose weight.

Do you have any snacks you’d like to add to the list?

What are your favorite evening snacks?


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