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3 Fat Fighting Foods That Help You Look and Feel Younger

Boy, it is cold here in the heartland of America.

I don’t even look at the thermostat anymore because it’s not a very pretty number.

There’s also snow on the ground, which I kind of like…to a point.

It’s pretty for a while, but then it becomes bothersome.

But when I got home from the training studio today, my wife was getting our daughter all bundled up for a trip out into the snow.

She’s been in the snow before, but it’s more fun now that she can run around and play a little more than last year.

But she refuses to wear gloves.

Not wise, but what’re you gonna do?

Needless to say, she didn’t stay out in the snow very long because her hands got a little frozen…and she cried…a lot.

What’s that have to do with workouts or nutrition?

Nothing really, so I guess I better shape up and give you a couple tips here before you decide you don’t like me anymore.

Given the busy-ness of this time of year, it can be tough to not only fit in workouts (which is why mine only take 10 minutes…hint, hint), but it’s also tough to fit in good, quality, fat fighting nutrition.

So, here are a few foods that you should eat everyday that travel well and you can eat in the car or at your desk.

1.  Almonds – Almonds are a staple of my daily diet and they should be part of yours too.  They’re loaded with protein, fiber and healthy fats.  They are one of nature’s perfect foods and can go anywhere.  There really is no reason not to eat them every single day.

2.  Apples – These are another one of my staples when it comes to what I eat everyday.  Not only are they very portable (just don’t drop them on the parking lot like I tend to do), but they’ve got a fair amount of fiber (4 grams) and are loaded with vitamins and minerals.  The old adage holds true “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

3.  Berries – I normally have these in the smoothies I make every morning, but they’re still easy to add to just about anything.  You can eat them by themselves, or add them to a salad along with some spinach leaves, slivered almonds, low-fat cheese and chicken breast.  Plus berries are loaded with fiber and are great sources of antioxidants which have awesome health benefits.

Those 3 things are staples of my daily diet and they should be yours too.  Not only will they help you lose a few pounds, but they’re perfect for us busy folks who have better things to do than constantly worry about what to eat.

Plus, as an added benefit, eating those types of foods will help you look and feel younger and since I’m an old man now, at the ripe old age of 30, that really helps…

…I’m only kidding.  About being old, not about that those foods will help you look and feel younger.  That part’s true.

Have a great day!

Ed Scow

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  • Petra

    Alright! I love almonds, apples and berries and I try to get them in whenever I can! I will try even harder now!

  • The Fit Dad

    That’s great. There are other healthy nuts as well, like walnuts and peanuts, just make sure you eat them raw and not smoked, honey roasted, salted, or whatever else they add to them.

    Pears are also a good substitute and/or addition to apples. Personally I eat at least 2 apples a day, usually mid-morning along with some homemade trail mix that my wife makes and a banana. That’s more calories than many people need for a mid-morning snack, but given what I do for a living, I need them.


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