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10 Minute Workout Videos And Abs Workout

Hey!10 minute workout

Well, it’s Workout Wednesday and I have a couple more awesome ones for you.

Last week was all about bodyweight workouts and 4-minute abs workouts, and this week is similar, but it’s not ALL bodyweight exercises.

We’re going to go over a 10-minute workout along with another 4-minute abs workout.

By the way, if you wanted to grab last week’s edition of Workout Wednesday, click here.

This week’s workout, as i just mentioned, starts with a 10 minute workout.  It’s a little different than the ones I’ve been showing lately because it’s not a full circuit.

It starts off with a 3-exercise circuit (even though I said we’re not doing a full circuit!), but finishes off with an awesome 2-minute finisher.

Those first tree exercises are meant to be done as many times possible in 8 minutes, and hte last exercise is done in “Tabata style” where you work for 20 seconds, take a 10 second rest, and go back to the exercise for another 20 seconds, etc. until 2 minutes is up.

Before I talk too much, let’s get into the video.

10 Minute Workout Video

YouTube Preview Image

In case you were too busy paying attention to the video and didn’t get a chance to write the workout down, here it is…

10 Minute Workout

1A) Lunge w/Shoulder Press – 8 reps/leg

1B) DB Rear Fly – 8 reps

1C) Mountain Climber Push-up – 8 reps

Again, do as many circuits of that possible in 8 minutes.  Once that 8 minutes is up, move IMMEDIATELY to the next exercise…

Mountain Climber – 20 seconds on/10 seconds off for 2 minutes.

This 10-minute workout is meant to be done quickly – meaning very, very limited rest.  Go, go, go (within your fitness level, of course).

Also make sure you use good form on all of those exercises, but especially the Rear Fly.  I see some of the same mistakes with that exercise in the studio over and over, even with experienced exercisers.

The most common mistake is that rather than extending your arms straight out to the side (with a slight bend in the elbow), the exerciser moves their arms back toward their hips with their arms straight.  You’re really trying to work your upper back/shoulders here and should feel it around your shoulder blades.  If you aren’t feeling it there, then you’re either not using enough resistance, not squeezing your shoudler blades together, or doing the mistake I just mentioned.

Fix it and you’ll feel it.

I also have to say that I love the Mountain Climber Push-up.  It’s a great little twist on the normal push-up, but still really works your upper body.

Good times!

And remember for the Mountain Climbers in the 2-minute finisher, you should be moving FAST.  Don’t do the slow climbers…go fast.  Move those legs as fast as you can all 20 seconds, while keeping your hips down and not jostling at the shoulder joint.

Also pay attention to the rest breaks.  10 seconds goes fast!

The second part of this workout is the 4-Minute Abs Workout

Abs Workout To Help You Lose Stomach Fat

YouTube Preview Image

In case you were too enthralled watching my amazing screen presence (sarcasm), here’s the rundown for that workout:

3A) Butt Raise – 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest and then move to…

3B) Jack Knife – 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest and go back to 3A.

That little 2 exercise killer will make your abs, specifically your hard to reach lower abs, beg for mercy.

Make sure you keep your abs “braced” thoughout the entire movement – don’t let them relax.  Keep ‘em braced, then flex harder as you raise your hips off the floor.

Same goes for the Jack Knife.  Keep your abs braced, but really flex as you tuck your knees in.


One thing I love about these 10-minute workouts is how simple they are to implement.

You don’t need much time…duh.

You don’t need much equipment.  For this workout you just need a couple different sets of dumbbells, and could use resistance tubing.

You can do it pretty much anywhere because it takes so little space.  No special workout rooms, no need for bulky equipment and no need for gym memberships.

This also means no excuses.  The time thing is the biggest excuse for missing workouts and this one removes it.  Equipment can’t really be an excuse because you can get your hands on some dumbbells or tubing really, really easy.

Excuses busted!

Do this 10-minute workout in the morning, lunch time or evening…whatever works best for you.

Do it first thing in the morning, then do it AGAIN later in the day.

Do this workout for 10-minutes, then grab the bodyweight cardio workout from last week and combine an awesome metabolism pumping workout that takes about 20 minutes (plus warm-up).

See what I’m getting at here?

You can expand all these workouts I’m going to be giving you into virtually anything.  Your imagination is your only limit.

All you have to do is move.

It’s all up to you.

Get up and move…and move often.

You can do it!  I believe in you!



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