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10 Minute Fat Loss Workouts Will Kill You!

You ever have one of those mornings where you wake up and think to yourself “I shouldn’t have done that.”?

That’s kind of how I’m feeling this morning.

I ate waaaay too much yesterday and my body just doesn’t feel right today.

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays where I eat A LOT and, as I told you yesterday, I really don’t care if I eat too much, even though I have that thought running through my head.

I knew that I had a great workout yesterday morning.  I knew I’d eat pretty well the rest of the week and I knew my workout today would be awesome.

Now on to the workouts!

I’m going to give you a couple different ones.

The first one is what I did yesterday.

I did a 10 minute workout, followed up with a 4 minute abs workout for a grand total of around 16 minutes including warm-up.

The first 8 minutes I did as many sets 8 reps of the following superset as I possibly could.  I had to keep perfect form and I tried not to rest at all, which is key to this kind of workout.

1A)  Squat – I used a barbell, but you can use dumbbells too.
1B)  Incline Chest Press

By the time that 8 minutes was up I got done around 5 or 6 total sets of each and I was panting like a dog on a hot summer day…but I wasn’t done yet!

Then I finished it up with a 2 minute workout that consisted of just one exercise…Burpees.

I did burpees for 20 seconds, rested 10 seconds, and repeated until 2 minutes was up.

To say that it kicked my butt would be an understatement.

Today I’m going to do a similar workout but with different exercises.

The format will be the same as yesterday, except today I’m going to do:

1A)  Bent Over Row – I’m going to use a barbell rather than dumbbells
1B)  Dumbbell Reverse Lunge

Then my 2 minute butt kicker is going to be Stability Ball Jack Knife.

I might even go even farther and do some arm work at the end just for the heck of it.

You should give one of those a try today of this weekend.

Who knows, you just might burn off a little jiggle.

Have a great weekend!


P.S. – I’ve got a really big announcement in a little over a week.   It’s HUUUUUGE so stay tuned!
Want a little hint?  OK fine, it involves an entire workout program that is nothing but 10 minute workouts, 4 minute workouts and it will literally slice the at off your body!

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