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10-Minute Fat Loss Workout Video That’ll Kick Your Boo-Tay!


What’s happenin’?  I trust your weekend was amazing.  Mine was pretty sweet and actually my last couple weeks have been pretty awesome.  We took a little vacation to the mountains and pretty much did nothing.  I read a couple books, napped, went for long walks and enjoyed the scenery, good company and good food!

I also mixed in a little business when I headed up to Vail and did a presentation on nutrition and the power of the mind in front of a group of awesome ladies.  They actually made me do some push-ups and in that thin mountain air I was dead!  Not to mention I was in my “pretty clothes” – it’s kinda nice to get out of my shorts and t-shirt and dress like a normal person every once in a while!

Anyway, the REAL reason I’m chattin’ you up today is to share another killer 10-minute workout with you.

It’s a 4-exercise fat blasting circuit that’s a mean little devil.  I put a client through it the end of last week and he was doggin’, but it’s adaptable to nearly any fitness level which is pretty cool.

To give it a watch and blast some fat, check it out below…

10-Minute Fat Loss Workout Video

YouTube Preview Image

What do you think?  Actually I’d love to get your thoughts AFTER you give this sweet (and nasty) 10-minute fat loss workout a try!

Remember that all I ask when you do these quick workouts is that you work HARD for the entire 10-minutes.  Work to your fitness level, and a couple notches beyond, and keep progressing every workout and every week.

If all you have time for is 10 minutes, that’s cool!

If you have another 5-minutes, then do the workout a bit longer or grab an add-on Abs Workout (click here).

If you don’t have more time right now, but will later in the day, then do this 10-minute fat loss workout AGAIN later in the day.  That’s actually one of my favorite ways to train.  I love doing a quick workout in the morning either before my first client or between clients, and then later on before I head home.  It’s like the old two-a-days we used to do in high school, only there’s less yelling, puking and all that other nonsense 🙂

One of the benefits of doing them twice a day is that you can change it up a bit and work a little differently in the second workout.  For instance, if the first workout focused primarily on the upper body, maybe the second one can be a bodyweight workout that’s more in the style of “cardio,” or focus more on the legs or abs.

Catch my drift?

Actually to be totally honest my extra special favorite way to do these 10-minute fat loss workouts is to capitalize on the metabolic furnace being cranked with the first 10-minutes and then expand on it with a really up-tempo bodyweight cardio workout immediately after.

That second one typically includes lots of jump rope, burpees, swings or just Turkish Get-ups for 10-minutes.

That’s what I love about these things!  They can expand and contract depending upon your fitness level and amount of free time you have available.

Give that 10-minute fat loss workout a try, and then expand as you progress!

Talk to ya later!


10-minute fat loss workout

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Comments (3)

  • Michelle

    Love the new pink walls, Ed!

    Your new workout is quite a devil.

    I can only use a 5lb DB for the DB rear fly at the moment. I didn’t do so many reps as I heard my shoulder tendon (or muscle) squeak. I think I hurt it.

    Is this workout enough for the whole day, or do I have to do some other workouts in combination?

    Let’s say I do body-weight workouts on Mon, Weds and Fri for 25-30 mins. Is this a good weight loss workout?

    Or do I have to do cardio/tabata on Tues and Thurs?

    Is it okay to not workout on Sat and Sun (off days)?

    Thanks so much for your advice!

    Best to you and family.

    • Ed Scow, aka 'The Fit Dad'

      My walls are NOT pink. Sheesh 🙂

      5 pounds is quite enough for the Rear Flies. That’s one exercise where I encourage people to start very low and work up because it’s something where form really needs to be focused on. I’m not a doctor or a physical therapist, so I can’t really comment on the shoulder squeaking. Although I will ask this – did it hurt when doing it or did the sound just scare you? I have an idea what it is because it’s relatively common.

      As far as this being enough for the whole day – that depends. If this is all the time you have, then yes it’s good enough for the whole day. If you have an extra 5 minutes, then do the circuit for 15 minutes rather than 10. If you have 20 minutes, do this circuit twice (with a little break between the 10 minutes) or choose another one of my 10-minutes. I design these workouts to be scalable to your lifestyle…if 10 minutes is all you have you will get enough from doing it once. If you have more time…cool.

      As to the rest of your question, it really depends on what you’re trying to achieve. How much weight are you trying to lose? What are your goals with your figure?

      I would encourage you to workout 5 times per week, then after a couple weeks take a step back and see how you feel and if you’re moving closer to your goals. If you’re moving forward, keep on the same path.


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